Year of the Tiger - 2022

Year of the Tiger - 2022

Year of the Tiger

The past two years have been riddled with challenges. Quite frankly so many for us all there is no reason to rehash. There have also been some pretty amazing positive things, too many to list as well. 

I’d prefer to look upward, move on, turn the page on 2021 and welcome in the Tiger – this should be exciting!

The Lunar New Year begins Feb. 1, 2022, bringing us into the Year of the Tiger. Coinciding with the new moon in Aquarius, the New Year gives us a double dose of fresh vibes that will aid us in severing ties with everything — and every ex — that can’t serve our future selves.

There you have it!

Onward and forward thank you New York Post.

Well in case you are curious I’ve included the link to the New York Post, with the effects on each of your Chinese Zodiacs (You’re Welcome)

I’m leaning into new ideas, new concepts, and expanding my horizons as we leap into this new year.. oh wait – no, wrong this year has 365 days.

When’s Summer? Where are my Crystals?!


Happy Lunar New Year to All


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