Landish - Made in Canada

Landish - Made in Canada

If you ask Nancy about the Landish products we carry, you'll get a fabulous earful of  all their benefits. 

We've been using Landish Collagen products, made in Canada,  for over a year.

What we've noticed: 

  • Our Hair is shinier and growing quickly
  • Our nails are look beautiful
  • Our skin looks less dull 
  • We feel great - like sunshine from the inside out 
  • It hasn't diminished wrinkles, it just made our faces less prunish  - hope that makes sense?

We have a great partnership with Landish, so if you have a favorite we don't carry, just ask - we will get it to you quickly. 

They  source the purest, most nutrient- and antioxidant-dense ingredients with the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Their ingredients provide functional benefits inspired by ancestral tradition and supported by modern science.

Whether it’s traditionally-fermented organic medicinal roots, sustainably aqua-farmed water lentil or spirulina, organic functional mushroom extracts or fair-trade cocoa, they put a whole lot of thinking into what they source and what they don’t—and every ingredient is always lab-tested to ensure purity and safety.
In store or online, check out the variety of Landish Products we carry - consider us your local go to for Landish Products!

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