The Tao of Sesame Street

The Tao of Sesame Street

I am a product of Sesame Street - a latchkey kid, who grew up with Count Dracula, Snuffleupagus, Big Bird and Grover.

I loved going to my dad's workplace because the people were so nice, and it was clear that they really enjoyed being with my dad. Which sometimes, made me feel left out when he worked long hours.  

I think my favourite part of his office, was the break room, because of all the snacks.

That day,  I saw this poster, the image on this Blog, in the break room. 

I was a bit older then and thought it was funny that my dad would have this Sesame Street poster up in his break room, although it secretly made me feel at home. 

As I was staring at it, my dad's colleague came into the room, to make sure I had found something good to snack on.

I asked her why they had this Sesame Street poster in the break room?

She said they had it because it was a picture of the team, and each of them was a different muppet. 

It made me smile, and she asked me:

"Who do you think your dad is?"

I replied  "I'm not sure" 

She looked at me as though it was obvious and said:

"Your dad is Kermit the Frog"  

That day I stood a little taller, as my little heart beamed with pride, I knew exactly what that meant - my dad kept the team together. 

This year Vans has created a fun Sesame Street Collection, which we fell in love with, for so many wonderful reasons. 

Styles will keep trickling into the store & online through the end of June 2023.




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