Maternal Figures

Maternal Figures

When I was younger, our school had a father and daughter dance. My friend Jane didn't have a dad, and I honestly had never even realized it until this event started being discussed a few month prior to the date. 

In those days, parents were sort of like the adults in Charlie Brown, folks you half heard because there was so much excitement when we got out of school, or were in the school yard. 

It was odd to suddenly have this moment when a parent would dance with you.. I guess the only other time it is traditionally called out is on your wedding day, when a "father" would give you away. 

Although I do agree in tradition, I am not convinced that we need to be calling out specific Mother's Day or Father's Day - but Parents Day.

Mother figures, Father figures, they are just that - people we are truly grateful too for, who guide us along a path, hoping for the best and dreaming of our bright future. 

In a world full of uncertainty it is wonderful to lean into those people who have raised us, sacrificed for us and loved us. 

Parents Day: July 24th 




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