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As we all try to find balance in our lives, we are looking at all of our habits and trying to see what fits. 

I've been on this journey for a few years and have landed in a great spot. It works for me. 

There are so many great Instagram accounts to follow, and getting started isn't always easy. 

Drop The Bottle 

Sober Glow Getter 

Glow Without Alcohol 

I choose to not drink, we don't all have this privilege and I truly understand this. 

What I find ridiculous, is social pressure and the questions. What I have come to understand: This is about you not me. I am clear on my choices, and they are not about you.

Look at these new stats from 

Considering the huge variety of alcoholic options, the nonalcoholic space is still early in its growth trajectory. The global ready-to-drink mocktails market alone is estimated to reach $9.43B by 2028 (9.6% CAGR).

Nancy and I made a decision a few years ago to carry mocktail books from Seedlip, as well as Seedlip a non alcoholic spirit.

Why, because all three flavors make insanely awesome mocktails.

Seedlip, has truly  pioneered the  movement of offering those not drinking alcohol a sophisticated, adult option has since become a segment all its own: the ever-growing no & low alcohol category.

Check it out online or in store, enjoy your mocktail - Shaken or Stirred! 


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