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SWENN - Unisex Workwear - Meet Kristell Geffroy

SWENN is an ethical fashion brand from Quebec, inspired by traditional sailor clothing to offer you clothes & accessories in a unisex, timeless and rock style. Specialized in high-end local and hand made making, we take care to use only natural, organic and/or recycled fabrics.

SWENN is born of the seascapes, fog & wind of Brittany on the West coast of France, from where founder Kristell Geffroy moved eleven years ago, taking this spirit with her to Montreal. She spent the last decade developing her professional skills as a fashion designer in the textile industry. In 2017, she decides to create a new brand of unisex ethical clothing by combining the best of local know-how with a commitment to eco-responsible & sustainable designs.

Kristell's commitment is to contribute to the movement of slow fashion & respect the environment by favoring proximity production, natural and/or recycled fibers, also by supporting the animal cause by favoring natural & organic sheep farming. Through the four pillars below, she stays true to this commitment. 

EQUITY : To Support the local economy to develop a close relationship with suppliers and offer them a fair salary by applying the principles of fair trade.

CREATIVITY: By Developing  models with a neat, elegant, unisex, timeless & functional design (workwear), in adequacy with changing trends.

EXCELLENCY: Through high quality items with refined materials and thanks to the know-how of local suppliers.

CONVICTION:  To create a fashion brand honest & trendy, which brings pride & confidence to an eco-conscious community.

Thank you Kristell for your commitment and transparency. Enjoy her collection here. 

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Create a fashion brand honest & trendy, which brings pride & confidence to an eco-conscious community.

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