Amber Bottles - Recyclable?

Amber Bottles - Recyclable?

As we are all becoming more conscious of our environment and looking for sustainable personal remedies and therapies, the use of amber bottles is increasing*. For those of us truly living a sustainable lifestyle, looking past “the green or blue bins” we are asking ourselves are these bottles being recycled?

We spoke with Erin (Founder of Little Fox Apothecary), and asked her about amber bottles and her recycling process.In Erin’s community, glass bottles are driven to a glass recycling facility. 

This is where/when Erin started to ask herself, what really happens to these bottles? 

In her quest to be truly sustainable, she reached out to her local representatives and a few BC Gov’t officials, asking: what happens to our amber bottles? Are they truly recycled?

After months of trying to get clarity around the topic, she did learn that “used” amber bottles are not sought out for resale  and they do end up in our landfills. 

It begs the question - why do we use these bottles and is there a solution? 

Having reached out to many folks in our community - we all use these bottles because the tinted glass protects our formulas, oils from changing/turning and beer from skunking!

Some of our community are offering refill services, and Erin is collecting the amber bottles from local customers to manage on her own.

What intrigued us is the commitment Little Fox Apothecary has made to support local recycling and sustainability. After collecting their bottles and those of local customers, Erin drives them to the cement factory in her community (Abbotsford Cement). 

The bottles are crushed down there,  and used for cement blocks and roads. 

In her quest to walk the walk and talk the talk, Erin’s company truly goes the extra mile to ensure Little Fox Apothecary is being socially responsible.

To some this may seem a little over the top, for Love Local Products,  it makes us realize that there is always room to do more and question our daily habits to ensure we are being true to our missions. 

For Erin, it makes her proud as a founder, that behind the scenes, every step is taken to mitigate any landfill waste. Even when it takes extra time and

incurs an expense to do so. 

Communities learning from communities, we are proud to be learning from Little Fox Apothecary.


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