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Sunrise Gratitude Cards by MaylayCo, Ontario


Gratitude Cards are beautifully crafted and designed greeting cards with a simple purpose: to spread gratitude and joy.

One package includes 2 cards with envelopes:

  • For you to give to someone
  • For your recipient to give to someone

How to Send:

  1. Write a special message on the card to send to someone you are grateful for.
  2. Include the packaged blank card to the recipient as well.
  3. Put everything in the large mailing envelope and send off.
  4. The recipient will receive the card you wrote to them as well as a blank card to give to someone they are grateful for.

Pass On the Gratitude

By giving a Gratitude Card, you are building relationships, increasing positivity and motivation, and spreading joy and love - all of which are things we need in life. You are not only sharing this with one person but also allowing that person to pass on their gratitude to someone else.

We also have matching Washi Tape 


  • Blank inside
  • Cards 4 3/4” square with a gold foil stamp design
  • Recipient envelope 5” square kraft
  • Mailing envelope 5 1/2” square kraft

Sunrise Gratitude Cards by MaylayCo, Ontario