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MONQ, Relieve - Aromatherapy Portable Diffuser




Chamaemelum Nobile

ORIGIN United States
METHOD Steam Distilled

The sweet scent of Roman chamomile is soothing and calming to the nervous system. It is especially helpful for dealing with stress. It is a lovely choice for sensitive skin types and can make a relaxing bath even more beneficial.


Copaifera officinalis

METHOD Steam Distilled

One of the world’s most powerful agents comes from the natural oil produced by 100-foot tall copaiba trees in the Amazon rainforest. Amazonian natives used copaiba oil in folk remedies far before it became known in the 21st century for relieving discomfort and alleviating stress. It has a wonderful, gentle woody aroma that is great for those who don’t tolerate strong smells. It is a friend of the skin and an excellent choice for topical applications.


Zingiber officinale

ORIGIN Indonesia
METHOD Steam Distilled

Across many cultures, and over many centuries, ginger has been a trusted medicinal spice. The essential oil works much like the fresh root and can assist with calming an upset stomach and gastric discomfort of a similar nature. Topically, ginger soothes, warms, and encourages movement.

Relieve also includes:

Bergamot, Blue Chamomile, Clove, Frankincense Carterii, Geranium, Helichrysum, Jasmine, Lavender, Nerolina, Owyhee, Ravintsara, Roman Chamomile, Rosalina, Spike Lavender, Spikenard & Organic USP Glycerin

Other blends available on our website:

Bright, Focus, Forest, Happy, Mountain, Ocean, Peace, Sexy, Zen

About MONQ:

MONQ is the pioneer of the personal aromatherapy industry— they created the first personal and portable aromatherapy diffuser. 

By blending ancient aromatherapy practices with modern technology, they have revolutionized the way that customers experience the benefits of essential oils. Their organic blends are expertly crafted by their aromatherapists to help you feel the way you want®—from their flagship blend Zen (frankincense, ylang-ylang, and sweet orange), to their fan-favorite Relieve (ginger, spikenard, and helichrysum), to their top-selling Cozy blend (cardamom, cinnamon, and vanilla)

Monq is proud to have over 35,000 5-star reviews from their customers 


MONQ personal aromatherapy diffusers contain only pure essential oils in a vegetable glycerin base. When using MONQ diffusers in a fashion that provides a lot of mist, MONQ users breathe the essential oil blend into the mouth (without touching the device to the mouth) and out the nose using a retronasal breath, without inhaling to the lungs. When using the AirTip method, which method expels just a small number of fragrance molecules, gentle breaths in the nose, still without inhaling into the lungs, may provide for a more pleasant experience.

MONQ, Relieve - Aromatherapy Portable Diffuser